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How This Oregon City Woman
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Maggie, my #1 student, lives in Oregon City, OR.  A passionate trader and veteran of most everything I’ve produced - -

She’s truly one of a kind, making this one of the most important messages you will ever read . . . 18-months in the making!

Introducing the “Maggie Mastermind Project”

Here’s the “In Case You’re In A Hurry” Version:

My best student ever, Maggie Roth from Oregon City, OR, has been kicking major ass for the last 2 ½ years.  Growing a $25,000 account to over $3 million during that time.  AND ESPECIALLY SO DURING THE PAST 2 CORRECTIONS (where trillions of dollars were up for grabs and changed hands.)

What’s most incredible is she’s done this all in front of her investment club group, which has grown by leaps and bounds just by word of mouth.

Maggie does a lot of my WOW methods, but focuses on the Money Press the most. PLUS, she’s put her own twist on things which I call the “Dynamic Money Press.”  She also mixes in some other swing trading methods – and insists that anyone in her group that brings a trading idea forward needs to practice it 50 times before bringing it in front of the group.

I’ve had some good runs in the market, which I’ve shown and proved, but I’ve never seen anything like this.  Yet I’ve been watching Maggie like a hawk for the last 18-months. Keeping in touch along the way, and wondering how to get Maggie in front other traders, not just the ones who live in Oregon.

There’s been a lot of back and forth debates about how to best connect traders with Maggie. Me and my staff have talked at length about this, sometimes locking horns. Do we create a home study course? Assemble together a series of PDF’s? Do we do a video recording of her weekly get togethers? Or do we figure out the logistics and equipment to stream her weekly presentations live?

Ultimately we decided on a membership format.  Why?  Because that way you get to benefit from the real-time decisions Maggie’s making.  In a minute you’ll see every single thing members get for this one of a kind opportunity!

No other personality I know of, from people on TV, best-selling authors, gurus, etc can match what Maggie’s doing right now.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.

This is THE END of the “hurry” version.  Now, scroll down to the end or just tap this link to find out how to claim your spot and associate your name to this incredible opportunity.  Time is of the essence!!

Dear Fellow Investor,

It’s been 18-months in the making.

Something I couldn’t have foreseen.  It’s also unscripted and non-manufactured.

I feel like it’s one of those things destiny puts in your path.

Cutting to the chase,

There’s a student of mine who is on fire.

A few years ago she started an investment club on the urging of a few close friends.

This is around the time she was first introduced to me, my WOW strategies, including the Money Press method.

As time went by, word of mouth spread and more and more people asked if they could attend her get togethers.

They watched in awe how her brokerage account kept growing and growing.  (since almost everyone was a complete newbie to the stock market, she made sure to teach all newcomers the very basics to boot, more on this in a minute).

Her name is Maggie Roth, and she hails from Oregon City, OR.

On a side note, she recently invited me up to speak at one of her weekly get togethers – and it’s still a stand-out memory of mine. The people there were so welcoming and first rate.

(on another side note, a guest on one of my podcast episodes –a giant name in the options world- also heard about Maggie because I told him her story.  He traveled all the way from Chicago to Portland to speak to her group too.  Something he almost NEVER does.  That would be Tom Sosnoff.  Who is Tom Sosnoff?  Only the creator and founder of – who sold it to TD Ameritrade for a mere $600 million smackeroos!)

For the past several years every time we’ve planned a live event, Maggie and several of her investing friends have been in attendance, usually sitting on the front row.

Ok – I don’t want to drag this out.

But the fact is Maggie is a tenacious, bottom-line minded businesswoman.  She’s also done some amazing things in life, with many colorful experiences.

And she’s a brilliant trader, the most successful student I’ve ever had.

She opened a brokerage account with $25,000 when she first started.  And now she’s put it over the $3 million mark.

That’s even during the crazy summer and then the debacle in January to start off 2016.

One of the main reasons?  She is NAILING the corrections.  After she explained it to me in more detail, I call it doing “Dynamic Money Presses.”

Here is her email to me dated August 23, 2015:  (remember, August 2015?!)

“Hey Preston,

I wanted to share how we did in this down turn market.  We had amazing returns these past four weeks.  I doubled my Destiny account and did 3X in my regular account.  On Friday alone I made $842K in my small trading account I started when I took Small Account Mastery with you three years ago.  Started with $10K then.  My group members trading live had an average of 57% returns for Thursday and Friday.  In Thursday’s class they were all pretty giddy.

How we did it – All using Money Press set-ups:

  1. Six weeks ago I started cautioning folks because of the indicators I watch.  Told them to roll their short positions at least 2 strikes OTM.
  2. Four weeks ago, TAKE OFF your short positions and roll long positions out as market dropped.  We looked for at least 50% profit on the rolls.
  3. On Friday afternoon we sold all our long positions at noon taking huge profits.
  4. Now we are in a wait mode for either 1 of 2 things to happen
  1. A bear flag – as the flag tips we buy long positions (the protection leg of a money press) looking for another down spurt.
  2. Accum/Distr to jump two letters and gamblers count in high neutral or position count.  (learned this from you) – set up our Money Presses once again.

We know this market doesn’t happen often.  I have been through three cycles since I started trading.  This time I knew exactly what to do.

Again, thanks for the amazing journey.

Your trading buddy,


Here’s one of the emails Maggie received right after the summer correction of 2015 (August):

“THANK YOU so much for leading me to this amazing but too crazy world!!!!!!

On Wednesday, I had $23,000 in my account.  Well, today I have $39,919.  My body is still shaking…

You are doing very noble job for all of us.

You’re my lovely hero!!!!

Thank you again!!!



Sent from my iPhone”

I don’t want this to be too crazy long, but it could easily span 20-30 printed pages with what I have to say about Maggie.

The point is, I’ve been watching all of this from a distance.  Comparing notes with her at all of my live events.  And to say I’ve been blown away would be the understatement of the decade.

And I’ve been scratching my head to try and figure out a way how her genius can be shared with everyone, not just the good folks up in Oregon.

And that’s the reason I’m writing you right now.

How would you like to:

As you can tell, that’s quite the project. Think of it as a way to have a mastermind with Maggie, one of the hottest traders I’ve ever known.

So that’s what we decided to call it: the Maggie Mastermind Project. And I have to say I’m more excited about this than almost anything else I’ve been involved with in my entire business life.

Bottom line is:

Every Single Person I Know & Care About Needs To Plug Into Maggie And Learn Every Last Thing They Possibly Can From Her While It’s Available!

Now that I’ve told you about Maggie’s story and this unique Maggie Mastermind Project, here’s a couple things you need to know:

Maggie’s #1 focus is on her trading. She does not want to compromise trading results by having to service an ever growing membership. This means the membership to the Maggie Mastermind Project (MMP) is being kept small to ensure that questions get answered, the video and audio quality is superb and each member is serviced properly. She has assembled a small staff of some of her most successful traders to help her with this.

Further, Maggie insists to know a little bit about each potential member upfront by means of a short application process. The application contains several questions that will help her determine who this is best matched for.

It’s important to know this kind of opportunity may never be offered again. It can also end without notice.

Maggie just barely retired and she’s got a bucket list of things to do like travel around the world, truffle hunting competitions, and tons of other hobbies.

(In fact, just recently she made it to the last stages of qualifying to be on the TV show “Survivor”)

It makes all of this a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and inside the head of one of the best traders you’ll ever rub shoulders with.

So if you’re approved, what will it cost to join the Maggie Mastermind Project with all of the benefits listed above?

Considering hedge funds spend hundreds of thousands of dollars –even millions- to bump up their performance by a few percentage points, even THEY couldn’t afford Maggie …given she’s grown her account by more than 11,900% (from $25K to $3 Million . . . that’s what the percentage calculator says!) in 2 ½ years. And to think the bulk of her gains happened in front of 100+ people who began to gather each week to watch and listen how she did it!

(Not to mention her track record during the past two market corrections, which is astounding).

But screw the institutions . . . this is not about them, it’s about you!

Also, there’s a stream of garbage on the internet that passes for investor education. Tons of people line up to buy subscriptions for $3K to $5,000 per year.  And what do they get?  A dry newsletter with some boring guru making predictions on the price of gold, yacking on about interest rates, and hyping uranium penny stocks and other B.S.

There’s not time for this old-fashioned puke.  And it’s insulting!!!

To repeat, I’ve never been so excited and proud about anything else during my time as an investor and educator.

This opportunity to get involved with Maggie and the Maggie Mastermind Project may never be repeated.  What’s more, it may only last for 6, 12 or 18 months.  Once it’s done it’s done.

For a limited time, and based on approval, you can secure a membership slot for only $149 per month.  A bargain for this kind of opportunity.  What’s more you’re not locked into some kind of contract, meaning you can cancel at anytime.  And when it’s over and not being offered anymore, it’s over.

While it’s around, it’s designed to be a game changer for you.

The Maggie Mastermind Project again includes:

To get started, here’s how to be considered for membership: START YOUR APPLICATION HERE

(You’ll be directed on what to do by clicking on the link above)

Once you submit your application, Maggie will personally review it and we’ll let you know via email within 48 business hours if you’ve been approved.

It’s important you don’t delay.

Yours for more profits more often,

-Preston James

P.S.  Napolean Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” often talked about specialized knowledge and having a “mastermind group.”  Well, the Maggie Mastermind Project is a fun mastermind group with specialized knowledge on steroids!

P.P.S.  I’m fond of the famous quote: “Fortune favors the bold.”  But in this case, you don’t even have to be that bold.

After all, you get to keep 100% of your profits, get inside the mind of one of the best traders alive today, and then use your new-found skills and know-how for the rest of your life.  (and ONE single trade can pay for an entire year or two of your MMP membership!)

P.P.P.S.  This is as real as the nose on your face. .  Just like in trading, timing is critical, secure your spot right now by:
tapping this link right now

Preston & Maggie discuss how the Maggie Mastermind Project came together!

​​Here's an interview with Jenne, a Mom of 3,
and Maggie's earliest followers:

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